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NEW: For the first time in a printed book, New Testament Hebrew manuscripts. Dr. Al Garza has put together some of the most neglected Hebrew New Testament texts in the world. Rarely seen or studied. Evidence shows some of these manuscripts are not a translation from Greek or Latin. These Hebrew New Testament pages and books point back to an earlier Hebrew source. Can they go back to the time of the Apostles? Was the New Testament written in Hebrew and Greek? See photos of Hebrew Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Look at Hebrew Paul, James, Jude, and Revelation. Dr. Al Garza will take you through the variants between the texts and how some correct the Greek New Testament. This is a breakthrough in textual studies of the New Testament. Dr. Al Garza is an Associate Scholar in the Linguistic Context of the Bible from Hebrew University’s Israel Institute of Biblical Studies. He specializes in Hebrew, Aramaic, and New Testament Greek. Dr. Garza is also a certified scholar in Jewish Culture and Context, Hebrew Bible, and Jewish New Testament Studies.

Below are a few N.T. Hebrew manuscripts online. There are 3 to 4 complete N.T. Hebrew manuscripts. The others are pages of the gospels and the epistles incomplete. The dates range between 12th to 17th century. The majority appear to come from an earlier Hebrew source text and not from a Greek or Latin text. Evidence for an earlier Hebrew source is in the book above. 

The sources are
1. National Library Israel
2. Oxford Archives
3. Jewish Theological Seminary. 
4. Vatican Archives
5. Cambridge Archives